Enterprise Portal Consolidation to Deliver a 360 Solution

Allstream provides communication solutions for businesses across North America. To help serve its large customer base, the company was relying on multiple portals for everything from managing invoices to logging support tickets. Combining its suite of services into a single portal would improve the customer experience.
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  • Telecommunications
Project Duration
  • 1 year (phase 1)
  • 2 developers and 2 designers
  • Requirement gathering and delivery planning
  • UX and UI design
  • Front-end development
  • Integrations
  • Angular.js
  • Salesforce
  • RESTful API
  • ServiceNow

Allstream's portals led to a disconnected experience for customers, requiring them to log in to separate systems to perform related tasks. And some of the online services, such as the legacy billing system, were in desperate need of an upgrade. Having multiple portals also complicated the process of managing and maintaining them.


As Allstream's partner, we helped plan the consolidation of both portals, designed a modern interface, built a bilingual front-end in Angular.js and integrated several APIs with the Java back-end for a seamless merger. A dedicated team of developers continues to work with Allstream, releasing new features for customers and admin.

Our Approach

Analysis and Planning

We worked closely with Allstream to define and document business requirements. Since we were not responsible for back-end development, it was important to create a detailed and precise set of requirements that would be understood by any other vendor. We also built a delivery plan for the entire project.


We modernized the interface with a clean, user-friendly design to help customers navigate between several services. To help create an accessible, usable and consistent front-end experience, we designed the UI in accordance with Google Material Design standards.

Front-End Development

To build the interface, we on-boarded a pair of front-end developers with strong Angular experience and managed them on behalf of Allstream. During this stage we also took steps to optimize performance, such as implementing lazy load to keep up with the high volume of data.

Quality Assurance

Our development lead conducted weekly code reviews in conjunction with unit testing by a dedicated QA specialist. This process gave us a chance to further optimize performance and resolve any code issues before connecting with the Java back-end.

Back-End Integrations

Connecting the front-end with the back-end required a series of integrations, including with Allstream's ticketing system and RESTful APIs. We documented these integrations in techical specs and our developers performed the work in collaboration with the back-end team. Our developers also integrated Salesforce and ServiceNow, a digital workflow solution.

Key Outcomes

Portal from two separate systems
Customer and admin experiences


An Integrated Web Solution to Support HR

A Web Portal for Fast, Easy Music Licensing

A Membership Portal to Empower Musicians

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