A Web Portal for Fast and Easy Music Licensing

A new collaboration between music licensing companies Re:Sound and SOCAN, Entandem was conceived to simplify the process of obtaining a license. Collecting more licensing fees from businesses supports those making the music we all know and love. To make that happen, Entandem needed a licensing web portal.
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  • Music licensing
Duration – Phase 1
  • 2 months of analysis and design
  • 4 months of development
  • 2 designers, 5 developers. QA
  • Requirement gathering and project planning
  • Solution architecture
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • UX and UI design
  • Full-stack development
  • QA and maintenance
  • Angular
  • js (Express)
  • MySQL
  • RESTful APIs
  • Azure

Entandem needed a portal quickly so it could on-board businesses and start collecting licensing fees. To maximize user adoption and collections, the portal needed to be very easy to use for new customers as well as those who had previously purchased separate licenses through Re:Sound and SOCAN.


With a long list of requirements and a tight deadline, we built a detailed project plan with the client—a process that included developer on-boarding and consultations with Entandem's business, marketing and IT departments. Phase 1 development proceeded as planned, and delivered on time all the functionalities Entandem needed to get up and running.

Our Approach

Analysis and Planning

We planned a phased approach with Entandem to prioritize the features and tariffs based on their business needs. Several integration points, strict security requirements and many other considerations factored into the planning process. To deliver on time, we planned and documented everything in detail.

UX and UI Design

A poorly designed portal could turn users away, costing Entandem lost revenue. We emphasized usability during UX and UI design to ensure that customers—who may already be reluctant to pay licensing fees—wouldn’t face any obstacles. Clear, consistent prompts and a simple but pleasing interface make the process of obtaining a license as easy as possible.

Website Implementation

To help spread the word about the new venture, we designed and developed a website for Entandem. It gave the company’s marketing department a chance to inform current SOCAN and Re:Sound customers about the switch, while helping attract new customers through various campaigns.

Portal Implementation

Phase 1 development included account login and registration, authentication of current SOCAN and Re:Sound customers, music tariff assignment and reporting by period so businesses can calculate fees based on usage. The development team also completed payment gateway integration and ERP integration via ETL. A portion of each transaction is funneled into SOCAN and Re:Sound's respective accounts based on the tariff.

Support and Maintenance

While development on the next phase continues, a dedicated team provides support of the application and infrastructure. Issues logged by the client are promptly investigated, resolved and tested before being migrated to the production environment.

Key Outcomes

Implementation of phase 1
Tariffs planned for next phase
Licensing process


An Integrated Web Solution to Support HR

A Self-service Portal for Happier Customers

A Membership Portal to Empower Musicians

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