How We Help You Plan Your Project

Have an idea for a software project but not sure where to start? We provide complete project planning support to translate your business challenge into a detailed roadmap for success.
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Business Requirements
and User Stories

Working closely with your team, we identify your project requirements

on a high level and expand on them until we have a clear, detailed business requirements document. During this step, user stories help us define the core tasks and goals from the perspective of end users, admin and other stakeholders.



Choosing the right technology is a critical step in building a solution that will meet all of your current needs while supporting future enhancements. In addition to scalability, we consider security, interoperability, user preferences, cost and more.


Solution and Infrastructure

With a clear understanding of project requirements and technology, we map out the entire solution in a way that is clear to stakeholders and developers. At this stage we also build the infrastructure architecture, documenting important details such as integrations, security, redundancies and data storage.

Together, these documents form the blueprint for your project.

Project Scope

The goal with project scope is to clearly outline all deliverables and set expectations, including timeline and budget. This foundational document also incorporates core requirements, responsibilities and personnel. Whether you use our developers or your own team for implementation, the project planning documentation will provide a clear road map for success.


Delivery Planning

During delivery planning we build a detailed schedule that includes the full array of tasks, project milestones, status updates and more. Depending on the nature of your project. The nature of the project will help us determine the best plan of action.

For example, we may recommend waterfall or agile methodology, and even break it into separate phases.

On-boarding and Training

We handle the entire on-boarding and training process for you—getting developers up to speed on everything from project requirements and responsibilities to cybersecurity standards. This ensures developers are ready to hit the ground running and deliver on time.



As your outstaffing partner, we manage the development team for you.

We take responsibility for tasks such as project management, code quality, version control and technical guidance. If a developer needs to be added or replaced during the engagement, we'll handle that too.

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